Our Mission

To offer revolutionary tools for law enforcement that help keep officers safe on the street and solid on the witness stand.

Our Mission

To offer revolutionary tools for law enforcement that help keep officers safe on the street and solid on the witness stand.

Our Mission

To offer revolutionary tools for law enforcement that help keep officers safe on the street and solid on the witness stand.


Roger Harris


A message from our CEO:

You put your life on the line to keep our streets safe, and I want to equip you with one of the best and most innovative tools you can carry: a tool that lightens your load and gives you a higher level of safety both on the street and the witness stand.


Because as a law enforcement officer myself, I was sick and tired of seeing cases being thrown out due to issues with SFST evaluations, primarily HGN.

With input from professionals in the law enforcement and legal community, I designed the all-new X3. One of the nation’s leading experts in Ophthalmic Optics and Physiological Optics, who also happens to be an expert witness for law enforcement, Dr. Karl Citek, provided advice and recommendations during the design phase and once fully developed, conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the X3.

Dr. Karl Citek:

“I have evaluated the X3 and find that it meets the requirements and guidelines for light sources used by DREs and other officers. The X3, which includes not only a VERY GOOD uniform white light, but also a UV light, a red fixation light for HGN/VGN testing, and timer functions to train officers on the HGN test components as well as for the 15-, 30-, and 90-sec timing periods used for direct light, OLS, and dark room wait period, respectively. I found it very easy to use, with very elegant styling and feels good in the hand.”

We listened to YOU and your fellow officers when creating the X3. It’s not just an HGN penlight or a DRE penlight– it’s all of those things and more. We rolled everything you need into one smart device that is designed to increase your level of safety. Our patented timing system complies with NHTSA guidelines so you don’t get hung out to dry on the stand. It contains the highest quality UV lamp on the market and a red lens for HGN focal point for dark room exams. It’s also designed for other important investigative needs such as validating driver licenses or identifying drug residue. Cocaine and meth crystals in/around the nose & mouth or on clothing will fluoresce (powdered sugar will not); oily residue of smoked cannabis in/around nose & mouth or on fingers if not washed will fluoresce (tobacco residue will not).

For you DRE’s, our medical penlight doesn’t flicker, burn out or break every time you use it like others you may have now. It includes a 15 second timer for direct light, a 30 second timer for the one leg stand to checking pulse rate and a 90 second timer when you enter the dark room and flip off the light switch. To me, these timers were crucial so you don’t have to divide your attention between the subject and your watch or a clock on the wall, keeping your focus on the suspect.

This is why I started this company and developed this product – I saw a need for innovations in the tools my fellow officers used. Quality and reliability are paramount, but we also needed a device that was smart and helped keep us safe. Now we have one, and it all comes together in the USA: The X3 is designed and engineered in Carrolton, Texas and proudly assembled in America. I was fortunate enough to have partnered with a solid Military Veteran duo who also believe in quality first. We stand behind our products and provide customer service that is second to none before and after the sale.

You put your life on the line to keep our streets safe, and you deserve nothing less than the best. So don’t settle for anything less – get the X3 today.

Stay safe!



Lee Ann Seitsinger

Chief Executive Officer

As a decorated and Surface and Air warfare qualified member of the United States Navy, Lee Ann used the analytical and engineering skills she developed while helping her Dad work on cars and home improvement projects as a child to repair navigation and communication equipment as well as design satellite systems onboard Naval ships. When the idea of this product came up she could see the value to law enforcement right away.

“My engineering mind was drawn to the aspect of a multi-tool (flash back to the Gerber tool that hung on my belt shipboard), and also as the sister of a police officer, I could see the opportunity for LE to carry less on their belt and how the patented timing system and specific lights of the X3 would provide officers with more solid evidence in court. After completing other research about the needed innovations within the law enforcement community, I was in.”

Lee Ann is also a long standing board member of the Chaparral Women’s Club – a 501(c)(3) nonprofit civic organization serving Williamson County for almost 50 years, and a volunteer mentor for the Williamson County Veteran’s Treatment Court serving veterans going through the court system – http://www.adultprobation.net/veterans_court.html


Doug Seitsinger

Chief Operations Officer

Now a consultant for Fortune 500 companies and Federal Government agencies, Doug started his professional career by joining the U.S. Navy as a Data Processing Technician. He served for 6 years, including during the Gulf War, before receiving an honorable discharge and joining the Civil Service.

“I enjoyed serving my country and, when I was presented with this opportunity, I was excited to begin this new venture and continue serving in this capacity.”




ToxOptix is supported by a community of active law enforcement officers or instructors that provide real-time feedback from the field. We appreciate you! Keep those photos coming at #toxoptix

The X3 is trusted by hundreds of agencies in countries all over the world including The United States, Canada, Australia and Germany. Join thousands of individual officers across the world who now use the X3 in their fight against impaired drivers!

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