We now accepting preorders. We’re hopeful to be 100% operational mid July 2024 which will include our online store. Please email to check availability and timeline.  

Built to last, the ALL NEW X3® by ToxOptix was designed for use in both the field and training. From SFST and ARIDE to DRE Evaluations, the X3® combines multiple technologies in one all-inclusive pen light sized device eliminating the need to purchase and carry multiple devices.

Our patented timing system takes the guesswork out of administering the HGN Test and our additional 15 / 30 and 90 second timers covers other SFST and DRE eval tasks. Officer safety is crucial when dealing with impaired subjects and the X3 keeps your focus on the suspect.

The X3’s® multi-use UV lamp can be used for many investigative tasks such as detecting illegal substances, validating Driver Licenses and DRE dark room exams. Our specialized warm white lamp was designed to meet the requirements and guidelines for light sources used by DREs.